Supporting and Saving the New Regenerative Revolution

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Supporting and Saving the
New Regenerative Revolution

Hugh Locke and Tim Tensen
Smallholder Farmers Alliance, Haiti

A radically new approach to farming is taking the agricultural world by storm, but it is already under attack from greenwashing. This new methodology has the disruptive potential of the first green revolution of 60 years ago, but the new “regenerative” revolution is so diametrically opposed to its predecessor that serious efforts are underway to co-opt it.

Coral Reefs in Danger

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Coral Reefs in Danger

based on a report by IEF member 
Austin Bowden-Kerby in Fiji 
23 September 2023

UN Summits Week 2023

UN Summits Week 2023

18-22 September 2023

Marking the halfway point to the 2030 Agenda, the SDG Summit and the Climate Ambition Summit aimed to provide renewed impetus for accelerating the pace of change in the fields of sustainable development and climate action, respectively. The 27th IEF Annual Conference was planned as virtual events in association with the UN Summits.

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