IEF 12th Conference photographs

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18-21 September 2008
de Poort, The Netherlands


registrationThe conference this year was a unique partnership between the International Environment Forum and the European Baha'i Business Forum, combining memberships and exploring common concerns about the role of business in sustainability. It was held at the de Poort Conference Centre in the Netherlands where EBBF traditionally holds its annual conference. From the first day's registration to the final lunch, business people and ecologists, young and old, shared a very rich experience.


informal discussion . discussion  

The conference was opened by Wendi Momen for EBBF and Victoria Thoresen for IEF
Wendi and Victoria

EBBF Secretary General Daniel Truran helped to get things started, and IEF General Secretary Sylvia Karlsson provided an opening keynote on the conference theme "Growth or Sustainability? Defining, Measuring and Achieving Prosperity"
Daniel Truran Daniel Truran  Sylvia Karlsson Sylvia Karlsson 

There were a variety of interactive formats to make it easier for all the participants to get to know each other and to share their experience and concerns
preparation for game . audience

Finnish television personality Aram Aflatuni interviewed some of the presenters, including Diana Cartwright from the Canadian Department of Environment, Lucy Symons from Australia, in charge of external affairs at AIESEC International, and Gordon Naylor, a Canadian educational entrepreneur.
Aran and Diana Aflatuni & Cartwright  Aram and Lucy Symons Lucy Symons

Aram and Gordon Naylor  Gordon Naylor
Three angles to sustainability were provided by Rebecca Mesbah, Shervin Setareh and Yves Garenne, followed by a panel moderated by Shoghi Emerson
Rebecca Teclemariam Mesbah Rebecca Mesbah  Shervin Setareh Shervin Setareh

Yves Garenne Yves Garenne  panel Shoghi Emerson and the panel

Emily Firth organized a project room where projects requiring inputs or open to discussion with conference participants could be presented
Emily Emily Firth  .

In the Sustainability Islands world café session, critical issues were discussed more informally
World Cafe . World Cafe

Extended mealtimes provided the opportunity for individual exchanges and networking, always one of the most valuable parts of the conference
lunch . lunch

discussion . mealtime

discussion . Starchers and Roberta Mean

Stephen Karnik of the Baha'i International Community provided a human perspective on true prosperity, and IT entrepreneur John Patterson provided a business perspective on favouring the future
Steve Karnik Steve Karnik  John Patterson John Patterson

An afternoon "Walk the Talk" exercise in the forest organized by Mika Korhonnen and Sylvia Karlsson challenged teams to show their environmental knowledge
Mika and Sylvia Mika and Sylvia  Walk the Talk

starting Walk the Talk . scoring Walk the Talk

Project presentations included some from Macedonia and Spain
Kimmo and Katarina Vasileska . project presentations

Friday evening concert by renowned pianist Nancy Lee Harper followed by the music and sounds from Finland to the Altai mountains offered by Janne Lemettinen and Aram Aflatuni
Nancy Lee Harper Nancy Lee Harper   Aram and Janne Aram Aflatuni & Janne Lemettinen

workshopTwo sets of workshops provided time for detailed discussion of various themes of the conference such as indicators of sustainability, green construction projects, moral and ethical frameworks in business, gender balance, growth and profits, generative change leadership, renewable energy, fighting corruption, spreading values through the media, careers and sustainable consumption.

audience . audience

Among the EBBF leaders present were President George Starcher, Mahmud Samandari and Daniel Truran, Secretary-General
George Starcher and Mahmoud Samandari George Starcher & Mahmud Samandari  Daniel Truran Daniel Truran

The "World Talk" roundtable Saturday evening led by Wendi Momen provided a dynamic exchange with many of the presenters
World Talk roundtable . audience

roundtable Emanuel Gavert . round table Jean-Pierre Mean 

Augusto Lopez ClarosThe Saturday Night Live session with Augusto Lopez Claros was one of the highlights of the conference 


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