IEF 14th Conference Photo Album

Submitted by Arthur Dahl on 14. February 2011 - 15:48
2010 December 16-18
Brighton, United Kingdom


A selection of photos from the conference at the University of Brighton 16-18 December 2010


PEOPLE'S THEATRE PERFORMANCE Friday evening 17 December

People's Theatre . Curtis Volk .
The People's Theatre team from Germany; Curtis Volk introduces the performance

. .
The play demonstrates problems of values in a business context, and asks the audience to help resolve them

People's Theatre taking a bow Taking a bow


Marie Harder . closing panel . Paula Black . Marilyn Mehlmann
Prof. Marie Harder introduces the panel, including Paula Black and Marilyn Mehlmann

closing panel . David Chittenden . Marie Harder
Other panelists were Sara Wolcott and David Chittenden, with Marie Harder leading the discussion

Augusto Lopez-Claros . Augusto Lopez-Claros . Marie Harder
Augusto Lopez-Claros gave the closing plenary talk; Prof. Marie Harder thanked the participants

Closing panel  The view of the "Sun Terrace" in the snow> Sun terrace in the snow
Closing panel

IEF MEMBERS at the conference

IEF members

From left: Arthur Dahl, Sylvia Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen, Wendi Momen, Maxwell Ayamba, Onno Vinkhuyzen, Jason Maude, Daniel Truran, Ezio Lanfranconi

 . Islael, Onno and Bedrich . Ezio and Daniel . Displays in the lobby
Ismael Velasco (UK) and Onno Vinkhuyzen (Netherlands); Ezio Lanfranconi (Italy) and Daniel Truran (Spain); displays in the foyer

Wendi and Cunningham . Guitelle and Sam . Cardiela Amezcua-Luna
Wendi Momen (UK) and Cunningham Worth (South Africa); Guitelle Baghdadi-Sabeti (Switzerland) and Sam Sate-Askew (UK); Cardiela Amezcua-Luna (Mexico) performs a dance in memory of the Persian poetess Tahirih

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