IEF 3rd Annual Conference programme

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15-18 August 1999
Sidcot, United Kingdom


part of a
Bahá’í Development and Environment Summit

Practical Applications of Spiritual Principles:
A Conference on Social and Economic Development
and the Environment

Organised jointly by the Bahá’í Agency for Social and Economic Development (UK)
and the International Environmental Forum
Sidcot School, Sidcot, Avon, United Kingdom, 15-18 August 1999

Conference Programme

[The texts of available papers are linked through the titles when underlined]

Keynote address:
"Rethinking Social and Economic Development and the Environment"
Augusto Lopez-Claros (United Kingdom) (Chair: Sylvia Karlsson)
"Guidance on Social and Economic Development by the Universal House of Justice"
Hassan Sabri (United Kingdom) (Chair: Arthur Dahl)
"Applying the Baha’i Principles in Education in Latin America"
Michael Richards (United Kingdom) (Chair: Gunnar Lange-Neilsen)
"Governance in the 21st Century: Theory and Practice"
Augusto Lopez-Claros (United Kingdom) (Chair: Irma Allen) 
Sharing Experiences: Nancy McIntyre (USA); Gisle Grimeland (Norway); Richard Hainsworth (Russia); Laurence de Closets (France) and others (Chair: Farzin Rahmani)
"A Baha'i contribution to the ROYAMOUNT PROCESS on Stability and Good Neighbourliness in Southeastern Europe: Promoting Positive Messages through the Media - The Happy Hippo Show"
Kazem Samandari-Hakim (France) (Chair: Kay Manoocheri) - video presentation
"Living Within Environmental Limits: Implications of Baha'i Principles for Sustainable Development"
: Arthur Dahl (Switzerland) (Chair: Lesley Casely-Hayford)
 "Environmental Education and Communication Strategies for our Communities: Why Not?"
Irma Allen (Swaziland) (Chair: Richard Hainsworth)
Workshop:"Developing Educational Materials on the Environment for Baha'i Communities"
Third General Assembly of the International Environment Forum
"Reflections on the Earth Charter: An Earth Charter Update"
Peter Adriance (by e-mail)
"A Case Study in Social and Economic Development at the Local Level"
Pershore Baha’i Community (Chair: Bibhas Neogi)
"Education of Women and Social and Economic Development"
Geeta Kingdon (Chair: Erica Leith)
IEF Workshop/audiovisual presentation "Community-based environmental management: empowering people with environmental understanding"
Arthur Dahl (Introduction: Mike Hainsworth)
"Stirring-Up the Grassroots: Investigation for Community Development"
Lesley Casely-Hayford (Ghana) (Chair: Michael Richards)
"Influencing Processes Towards World Peace: External Affairs Aspects of SED & Environmental Activities"
Barney Leith (UK)
Closing forum and panel discussion
(Chair: Sylvia Karlsson)