5th General Assembly 2001



21 October 2001, Townshend School, Hlúboka, Czech Republic


1. The General Assembly was opened by the President of the IEF, Arthur Dahl.

2. The members of the IEF who were present introduced themselves.

3. Election of officers.
The current President (Arthur Dahl) and General Secretary (Sylvia Karlsson) were asked to serve as chair and secretary of the meeting respectively.

4. Agenda
The draft agenda which had been prepared by the outgoing Board of the IEF was approved.

5. Annual Report
The Secretary read the Annual Report 2000-2001, and asked for comments and consultation. Upon request the process of seeking accreditation for the IEF at the World Summit on Sustainable Development was described in more detail. The publication project to produce a book based on papers from previous IEF conferences was also discussed.

6. Election of the Governing Board.
Two tellers were appointed. A total of 11 ballots were cast; four of these were electronic. There were no invalid votes.

The following members were elected to the IEF Governing Board:
Arthur Dahl (Switzerland)
Peter Adriance (USA)
Sylvia Karlsson (Germany)
Irma Allen (Swaziland)
Roxanne Lalonde (Canada)

7. IEF Five Year Plan
There was a presentation and short consultation on the implementation of the IEF Five Year Plan. The 6th IEF Conference, which will be merged with the World Summit for Sustainable Development (WSSD) and NGO Forum in Johannesburg, South Africa, in August 2002, was discussed, as that will be the major activity of the IEF for next year. The idea is to arrange a series of seminars, lectures, panels or roundtables with other groups at the NGO Forum. Some youth from the Townshend School have already volunteered to come to the NGO Forum in Johannesburg and help with the booth. We should think about housing for IEF volunteers already now, and Irma will inquire into this. An adequate quantity of human resources is essential. We should do a special sendout to ask how many IEF members want to come. A preparatory meeting could be held before the conference. Field trips could also be arranged before or after the conference, such as a safari or a visit to South Africa or Swaziland, perhaps contributing to local environmental or Baha'i activities.

Other activities and priorities for the coming year include: publications and education materials.

8. Other business.
Maxwell Ayamba reported that he had presented the IEF at a summer-school in the United Kingdom.

9. Closing of the General Assembly

See also the Annual Report 2000-2001.