Is it easy to combat climate change under war conditions in Yemen?

Submitted by Nashwan Ahmed on 2. March 2020 - 21:06

In Yemen, the protracted war since 2015 has a major negative impact on the environment. Many farmlands were either burned or left to die, and outbreaks of disease arose as a result of garbage dispersed between homes and on the streets. The climate has also changed dramatically. The winter season was not felt by locals here in Sana'a governorate as every year, as it was unusually warm.

I have asked myself several times, do you do what is required at the moment and what people really need?! Does your enroll with IEF is a correct decision?An answer is coming from my subconscious mind, yes, do what you belive in, serve in the area that neglected  by others, and be special in your performance. Sincere efforts will stay even  after person passed away.

In spite of all the obstacles that stand in front of everyone who thinks to confront climate change under the circumstances of the war that eliminates all that is beautiful in Yemen, I raised my hand to call for the preservation of our beautiful environment even in the most severe conditions ,,, Will you raise your voice with me!

Together to protect our lovely environment even under the war circumstances!

Nashwan Ahmed

An Associate of IEF

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Thank you, Nashwan, for raising your voice.  Beyond the terrible suffering of the people, the rape of the environment is a burden that will be borne for generations to come.

Christine Muller

24. March 2020 - 14:26


Dear Nashwan,

I only read your three blogs now. Thank you for sharing your experiences in Yemen and your valuable thoughts with us! It would be good if more people could read them. So we thought we could consolidate them into one article for the IEF Newsletter LEAVES. Please, let us know whether you agree with this plan and whether it would be safe for you to put your name as the author. Otherwise we will publish it anonymously.

With warm regards,