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Interested in the application of spiritual principles to the environment and sustainability?

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The International Environment Forum (IEF) is a Bahá'í-inspired professional organization of scientists and engineers, managers, civil servants and representatives of civil society in fields relevant to the environment and sustainability, as well as students and others with an interest in these fields.

The IEF provides a forum for its associates and members to, among other things:
deepen their understanding of the relevance of the social and ethical principles in the Bahá'í Writings for the environment and sustainable development challenges the world is facing;
explore the application of those principles in their work and activities;
share knowledge and experience, and accompany others in their professional development.

We also seek to share our views and interact with other organizations in various international fora. The IEF was, for example, accredited to the United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development (Johannesburg, 2002) as a scientific and technological organization, and again to the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20 in Rio de Janeiro, 2012) and other relevant UN events.

The IEF was launched in October 1997 and today we have over 400 members in over 70 countries on all 5 continents. Our annual international conferences have until now been organized in Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Greece, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, and USA, and each conference has an electronic version for those who cannot attend in person.

As a virtual organization, IEF does not collect dues or fees. To function without cost we use volunteers and the Internet as much as possible, including this web site. Associates and members are encouraged to contribute to the web site on topics relevant to the environment and sustainability and related spiritual principles that are the core purpose of IEF. The IEF reserves the right to edit or delete irrelevant or inappropriate material. Much of our communication is also by e-mail to reach members even where Internet access is difficult. While we are a professional association, current employment status is not relevant to membership. The IEF cannot assist its members financially with attendance at its conferences, nor can it provide letters of invitation or assistance in obtaining visas.

Find out more by browsing this website ( or contact us directly:

International Environment Forum
c/o Dr. Arthur Lyon Dahl (President)
12 B Chemin de Maisonneuve
CH-1219 Châtelaine, Geneva
Email: (goes to the General Secretary, Christine Muller)



For those simply interested in learning more about the environment and sustainability, all the results of IEF activities are made available on the IEF website. If you want to interact with the IEF website, you can become a Registered User by completing the user application form on the website. It is also possible to request a free Subscription to the monthly IEF newsletter LEAVES.


As a Bahá'í-inspired professional organization, membership in the IEF is open to those who carry out environment or sustainable development activities, or who have a special interest in these areas, and who are also familiar with the ethical and social principles in the Bahá'í Writings, who want to deepen their appreciation and understanding of the guidance enshrined in those Writings, and who commit to exploring the ways and means of implementing these principles in the practice of such activities. There are two categories: Associates and Members.

IEF members generate and promote a discourse on how the Bahá'í teachings can be applied to the environmental challenges facing the world; encourage or participate in projects and initiatives in accord with those principles, in collaboration with organizations and individuals who are active in areas of environment and sustainable development, while being sensitive to the capacity of projects to receive such help; advise governments, non-governmental organizations, businesses and communities in promoting the sustainable use of resources and protecting the environment; promote a greater awareness of environmental issues, and stimulate environmental education amongst children, youth and adults, so that they can contribute more effectively to practical actions; increase awareness within communities of the need for sustainable and environmentally sound development; support networking among individuals and groups at the local, national, regional and international levels on issues of environment and sustainable development; and encourage and advise young people who plan to study or work in the fields of environment or sustainable development in the spirit of the Bahá'í teachings.

Associates support and participate in all of the above activities, but without voting membership. The Governing Board may accept Associates as Members after they demonstrate their direct involvement in some IEF activities.

Applications to become an Associate or Member of IEF should be submitted to the Governing Board, which will decide if the above conditions are met. The Board's decision to accept or reject the application need not be justified. Members accept to abide by the IEF Statutes, By-laws and the decisions of the Governing Board.

A Member will receive all the materials of the Forum and announcements of all activities, may participate in the annual General Assembly, conferences and discussions by e-mail or in person, and is entitled to a single ballot whenever elections take place as provided for in the Statutes and By-laws. A member is eligible to be elected to the Governing Board or to any positions within the Forum that are filled by election. Each member will provide an electronic (e-mail) contact address, if available, for use by the Forum in its electronic mailing list(s), as well as a completed membership questionnaire, résumé or curriculum vitae detailing experience in environment and sustainable development, and ability to provide advice or service to others in the environment field. Members' contact information and summaries in standard format derived from the résumés will be published in the Directory of Members as a pdf document sent annually to all members, unless they request otherwise. Member information without contact information and addresses will be included in the Forum's public Directory of Members on the IEF website, and made publicly available in other appropriate hard-copy and electronic publications.

Interested individuals who do not wish to vote, to be eligible for election, or to appear in the directory may become Associates. Associates are placed on the appropriate electronic mailing list(s) and will receive the materials of the Forum and announcements of all activities. They may participate in conferences, discussions and working groups organized by the Forum, and may attend the General Assembly as an observer, without the right to vote or be voted for.

As explained above, it is also possible simply to subscribe to the IEF Newsletter and be included on its mailing list. Subscribers also have access to the IEF web site and its resources. Those who fill out a user application on the website can also, after verification, become a Registered User.

To become a Registered User, subscribe to the newsletter, or apply to become an Associate or a Member of the IEF, Create a new Account in the User Login section of the left-hand bar on this web site. An application can also be made by e-mail by completing the questionnaire Application to Join IEF and sending it to the General Secretary of the IEF at the address indicated.

Last updated 2 October 2020