Civil Society Declaration for UN75

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Civil Society Declaration for UN75

UN2020 is taking the lead on preparing a Civil Society Declaration and Plan of Action for the UN 75th anniversary. The Declaration is expected to be finalized in April and presented at the UN75 People's Forum taking place on 23-24 April at UN Headquarters in New York City. This is timed to coincide with the Day of Multilateralism (April 23rd) and will feed into the UN Secretary-General’s UN75 interim report to be published in May. Further, the declaration will serve as a key tool to contribute to the negotiations for the draft political declaration (expected to be finalized in June). UN2020 has appointed Daniel Perell ( of the Baha’i International Community as the lead ‘penholder’ of the draft, supported by a core drafting team from key networks.

IEF is already participating in an on-line consultation this week organized by Together First, in which IEF is a partner. On 21 February, a call for papers and perspectives will be sent out by UN2020 and Together First, and a zero draft will be prepared on 24-28 February based on the feedback received. The core drafting team will review the input on 28 February, and a zero draft will be posted by 2 March for consultation to 15 March. Revision I will be posted for review 23 March – 5 April, while a 2-page version is drafted. On 6-12 April a revision 2 is created while the abbreviated version is shared on line. All drafts are finalized and shared on line 13-20 April, an presented at the Peoples’ Forum 23-24 April.

UN75 Civil Society Declaration and Plan of Action

Draft outline


Preambular paras: Context and the role of Civil Society

This opening section will provide a brief framing of the historical context and current moment.
• The construction of a peaceful, sustainable and just world has always been a process of fits and starts, of crises and victory.
• Progress has been made, but articulate challenges with which we are confronted.
• The vital role of civil society will be articulated.
• Now we are facing a number of crises: WMD, Climate Change, nationalism’s rise, etc.
• At the threshold of a defining moment for humanity, vision and political will are necessary

Preambular Paras: What humanity needs from global governance

Articulate the needs from the UN at this moment in history and going forward.

Showcase some of the results from the UN@75 Office’ global survey

Plan of Action:

Operative Paras: Recommendations for the UN

These operative paras will be informed by key stakeholders and partners including the Together First Consultation. While many other processes will take forward a number of proposals for global governance reform in the short, medium and long term, and encompassing a range of ambitions, the operative paras of this declaration are meant to be those which can serve as key proposals to be taken on board now. As such, a limited number of proposals where there is a broad consensus of support will form the crux of the contribution. While some of these proposals may be visionary and inspirational in nature, at least some suggestions must be:
• Achievable as a consequences of the mechanisms established by the UN75 process
• Within the UN’s ambit
• Short-term proposals that have reached a threshold of political will and could be considered for implementation during the UN’s 75th anniversary
• Longer-term proposals (beyond 2020 but with a limited time frame) that might require more time to mature and garner political support 
• Already enjoy the support of a broad base of civil society

In other words we should prioritise those proposals where the inclusion of the idea here could make a meaningful difference

Operative paras: Plan of action for Civil Society

Much of this will also come through consultation with the object of ensuring that civil society
• Continues to lend its voice to the global discussions
• Puts people at the center
• Works collaboratively with Member States where possible
• Raises awareness and builds consensus among ‘the people’

Civil society requests for the UN75 process i.e.:
• Civil society should be in the room for the drafting of the member state declaration
• Civil society should be consulted on the member state declaration
• Civil society should have a platform in September etc….

If you have suggestions for the Civil Society Declaration, please make them in the comments below.

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