Bahá'í International Community launches UN75 statement

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Bahá'í International Community launches UN75 statement

22 October 2020

Anticipating the 75th anniversary of the day the United Nations was brought into being on 24 October 1945, the Bahá’í International Community (BIC) hosted an event to launch a statement marking the occasion, drawing some 200 participants from across the international and diplomatic communities. IEF members Maja Groff and Arthur Dahl were among those contributing. You can view the video of the event (1:21:15) here:

Again, for Geneva Peace Week on 2-6 November, the Bahá'í International Community prepared a one-hour video with a round-table discussion on the statement from Augusto Lopez-Claros, Maja Groff and Arthur Dahl of the Global Governance Forum, the latter two also members of the International Environment Forum, which can be seen at, and on the Geneva Peace Week website at….

For a a detailed review of the statement in a Bahá'í context, see the O.Z. Whitehead (UK) fireside with Arthur Dahl on 8 November 2020 at

The full statement A Governance Befitting: Humanity and the Path Toward a Just Global Order is here. This short film is a brief introduction to the themes in that statement.

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