Leading Ladies of Environment Defense

Submitted by Aroosa on 4. March 2023 - 17:26

Women in a variety of professions have emerged and influenced at regional and global level. Among other areas, besides wonderful male environmentalists, women are contributing to the environmental movement as well. Here are some beautiful leading ladies of environment who are doing phenomenal work for our mutual home, planet earth.

Erin Brockovich

Erin is known for her work on public health and safety. She was a legal clerk, with no formal legal training, but her contributions helped to file a case against Pacific Gas and Electric Company, over the groundwater pollution in Hinckley, California. After Company dumped hundreds of millions of gallons of chromium-6 contaminated wastewater into lakes near the city, residents began reporting strange illnesses. In 1993, Brockovich began researching the diseases, and her careful work caused PG&EC $333 million in a tort settlement in 1996. Since then, Brockovich is actively educating and highlighting the dangers of both chromium-6 and mold contamination to public health. 

Christiana Figueres 

Christiana is the “architect” of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. She has served as the executive secretary, United Nations Commission on Climate Change until 2016.  She started her post immediately after, in 2010, and for five years she led the states to ensure that the Paris Accords did come to light. She negotiated with key figures and stakeholders, involved scientists, society, youth, and bit by bit, collected the positive developments that took place at the annual meetings of the COP. As a result, in 2015 a historic event took place, the signing of the Paris Agreements. 

Hilda Hine 

Hilda Hein, President of the Marshall Islands from 2016 to 2020, was the First female President of Micronesia, first female PhD in the Marshall Islands, founder of a women's rights group that has always focused on the climate crisis. She literally met global warming at the doorstep of her house. She had to build a dam near the house to save it from flooding. With her efforts, measures have been taken in her country regarding the construction of protection of the coast of the islands and sea dams. Hilda entered the international arena precisely in order to draw the attention of the world to environmental problems. She also headed the Forum of Climate Vulnerable Countries, which includes 50 states. With her contribution, the Marshall Islands was the first to submit commitments to reduce emissions in accordance with the Paris Agreement and adopted a decision on carbon neutrality by 2050. 

Naomi Klein

She is writer, journalist, activist. Initially. She was expert in economics and capitalism, but after 2009 she indulged herself into environmental issues. Just after the disastrous climate conference in Copenhagen mentioned above, Naomi took up the issue of economics and climate, and tied the two topics together, pointing out a direct link between overconsumption and the climate crisis. Naomi has authored nearly a dozen books on environmental issues and their relationship to the global economy. Klein is not afraid to criticize and challenge the actions (or inactions) of world leaders, as she criticized Obama or Trump. She writes about environmental activists and those on the brink of poverty, who struggle with economic and environmental inequality and injustice. Naomi is also on the board of directors of the climate activist group 350.org, a huge non-profit international organization that draws attention to the problem of rising CO2 emissions due to human activities. 

Natalya Danilina

Natalya Danilina deals with conserving the rich natural heritage. She is a regional representative of Russia, Eastern Europe, North and Central Asia  the Council of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN Council). She also holds the position of director of the Environmental Education Center Zapovedniki in Russia. It is rare to find a reserve that Natalya has not visited while studying nature, educating the local population and developing eco-tourism. One of the most significant results of her work is the formation of the Russian Federal Law on protecting natural territories.

Greta Thunberg

The Swedish schoolgirl, Greta is recognized as the Joan of Arc of Green Energy and an expert on climate change. She has managed to draw the attention of millions of people around the world to the climate crisis. She started sole advent five years before years, and now, thanks to her example, millions of schoolchildren taking the streets with protest placards demanding to protect green. Greta involves young people in environmental issues, make them understand and think about the future and its problems.

All these females and many more who couldn’t be mentioned, are the flagship of change and a source of pride for many women. Regardless, any gender discrimination, environmentalists around the world are continuing to fight for the cause earth. We must take inspiration from the influential experts and join hands to protect the environment and supporting others in their efforts.