Invitation to join and contribute to Rio+20 Dialogues on Sustainable Development

Submitted by admin on 1. May 2012 - 19:26

Invitation to join and contribute to Rio+20 Dialogues on Sustainable Development

The Government of Brazil is convening a Dialogue series with the aim of bringing together civil society, the scientific community and academia to contribute ideas and suggestions on sustainable development. Conclusions and recommendations from the Dialogues will be conveyed directly to the heads of State and Government gathering for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development taking place in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil on June 20-22. The public is now invited to vote on its preferences from 100 proposals drawn from 10,000 contributions. The third proposal under "Unemployment, Decent Work and Migrations" about managing enviromental migrations came from an IEF submission.

These Dialogues have already begun online, and you are invited to join the Dialogues now and share your innovative recommendations for sustainable solutions that will be considered during the Rio+20 Sustainable Development Conference.

How to join the dialogues:
Go to and enter your email address through the Request Invite feature. You will then receive an email with a link, with which you can sign in and join a Dialogue topic to participate in a discussion on sustainable development.

Contact if you have any difficulty registering, or if you wish to have an entire organization, institution or network invited.

We invite you to join the dialogues and to circulate this message widely within your personal and professional networks so that colleagues and friends have an opportunity to share their unique perspectives and creative recommendations on achieving sustainable development.

With many thanks from the Rio+20 Dialogues Team.