Second Geneva Workshop on the SDGs

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Second Workshop on Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals

More than 50 people attended the second high-level workshop in Geneva, Switzerland, on 7 July 2016, organized by IEF member Joachim Monkelbaan of The topic was "Connecting knowledge with action for the SDGs" looking particularly at opportunities for peace, business and policy coherence. The workshop was hosted by the Geneva Centre for Security Policy.

SDG workshop . Joachim Monkelbaan
The workshop; Dr. Joachim Monkelbaan

The first panel on Governance: peace and security included Caty Clement and Joelle Tanguy of GCSP, Marika Palosaari of UNEP, and Eckhard Volkmann of the Inclusive Peace & Transition Initiative.

Caty Clement . Joelle Tanguy
Caty Clement; Joelle Tanguy

Marika Palosaari . . Eckhard Volkmann
Marika Palosaari; Eckhard Volkmann

The second panel on Policy coherence as good governance featured Prof. Raymond Saner of the Centre for Socio-Economic Development, Moira Faul of Cambridge University and UNRISD, Joy Muller of International Federation of Red Cross, and Ruzanna Tarverdyan of Geneva Consensus Foundation.

Raymond Saner . Moira Faul
Raymond Saner; Moira Faul

Joy Muller . Ruzanna Tarverdyan
Joy Muller; Ruzanna Tarverdyan

workshop . audience
workshop in plenary

The last panel on the Private sector as an agent in SDG success was moderated by Antonio Hautle of Global Compact Switzerland, with talks by Arthur Dahl of ebbf - Ethical Business Building the Future and IEF, and Benoit Klein of Implenia, a big construction firm.

Arthur Dahl . Arthur Dahl's afternoon workshop
Arthur Dahl; Arthur Dahl's afternoon workshop

The afternoon included parallel brainstorming sessions on various topics. Arthur Dahl of the International Environment Forum led one on Engaging communities on the SDGs.

The workshop series will continue in the autumn.

See the report of the first workshop at