Climate change

IEF Position on Climate Change

International Environment Forum Position on Climate Change

adopted by the IEF Governing Board 8 August 2018

In a few countries where climate change science has become a political issue, the International Environment Forum has been criticized for taking sides in the “debate”. The following paragraphs explain the clear position of IEF concerning climate change.

IEF participation in the Justice Conference 2018

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IEF participation in the Justice Conference 2018

The 23rd annual Justice Conference was held at the de Poort Conference Centre in the Netherlands on 30 March-2 April 2018. The International Environment Forum (IEF) previously partnered with the Justice Conference as its annual conference in 2017 (, so a number of IEF members were present again this year, including Iko Congo, Arthur Dahl, Maja Groff (conference organizer), Sylvia Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen, Wendi Momen, Halldor Thorgeirsson, and David Willis. A side discussion on IEF over dinner allowed us to recruit some new members.

Motivating the transition at the grassroots

Motivating the transition at the grassroots

International Environment Forum Contribution to the Talanoa Dialogue
United Nations Climate Change input for COP24
19 March 2018
Topic: How do we get there?
Objective: Wider partnerships in public education about climate change or…

SUMMARY: It is easier for government to increase ambition if they have public support. Public education about climate change should combine scientific and ethical perspectives to motivate action, as demonstrated by a decade of experience with interfaith climate change courses available on line. In Vanuatu, a climate change course was prepared for use in rural training centres around the archipelago. Governments should partner with a wide range of stakeholders to spread values-based education about the science and ethics of climate change and to encourage practical actions everyone can take to build community resilience.

2018 Faith Climate Action Week in USA

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2018 Faith Climate Action Week in USA

On 14 March 2018, the United States national Bahá'í council wrote to all the members of the American Bahá'í community, as they have every year since 2011, encouraging their participation in Faith Climate Action Week, sponsored by Interfaith Power and Light.

How Should Bahá’ís Talk about Climate Change?

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For Baha'is among our members who are interested in discussing climate change without becoming involved in partisan political disputes, IEF member Christine Muller has just published an article for the Wilmette Institute newsletter on "How Should Bahá’ís Talk about Climate Change? Applying Recent Institutional Guidance". The link to the article is