NGOs Role in Environment Conservation

Submitted by Nashwan Ahmed on 13. February 2020 - 20:42

  Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)  deliver a humanitarian and development assistance for the most vulnerable of children, women and people with specific needs under war / conflict / nature disasters circumstances. Whilst some of NGOs rehabilitate a considerable number of water projects to provide a safe drinking water, others participate to renovate the health facilities to deliver an emergency, primary and secondary health services. Nevertheless, both of them may result in a harmful environment impact due to the rehabilitation wastes or conducting their interventions at the lush &green areas.

  A highly appreciated recommendations to avoid any environment negative impact of humanitarian assistance have been occurred to ensure that preserving of environment are practiced even under the most difficult times when people are unable to reach the basic services. Thus, support voices are required to foster the environment conservation awareness.

 An intended and sustainable solution is significantly notable within applying green and clean energy power system to rehabilitate water projects and health facilities by NGOs who  adopt the environment protection as a key factor among its humanitarian relief and development interventions.

Together to save our environment under the conflict or natural disaster.

Nashwan Ahmed

An associate of IEF