A minimum required level of environment protection

Submitted by Nashwan Ahmed on 15. February 2020 - 19:59

  Adopting a positive environmental behaviours is crucial to participate in conserve our lovely environment. Especially, within human conflicts or natural disasters when basic services such public cleaning services were inavailable, a hygienic behaviour among Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs) and host communities is required.

  This recomendation is emerging based on the seen  piles of garbage dumped and spread randomly among roads and homes of either host communities or an IDP camps / camps like-setting. The unplanned throwing of garbage leads to global warming in addition to propagation an unhealthy environment that facilitates the epidemic and diseases outbreaks such as cholera among children in particular and society at large as a whole.
  It has been proved that such unhealthy environment is a direct reason of increasing Severe Acute Malunutrition (SAM) among under 5 yers children. For instance, NFDHR - NGO - has been addressing 600 SAM cases at Wald Rabi' and As Sawma'ah districts, Al Byadha'a governorate, Yemen. Thus, continuously practicing the desired environmental bechaviours that secure a healthy life as well as limit the prolong of global warming even during the human conflicts or natural catastrophes is highly recommended.

Together to save our environment under the conflict or natural disaster.

Nashwan Ahmed

An associate of IEF