2020 Faith Call to Action for UN Biodiversity Summit

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2020 Faith Call to Action for UN Biodiversity Summit

The IEF has signed up to the Faith Call to Action below in advance of the UN Biodiversity Summit on 30 September 2020. It has been drafted by a number of faith groups working with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Beliefs and Values Program, and the WWF New Deal for Nature and People campaign. The drafting team consisted of representatives from the Bahá’í International Community, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, Bhumi Global, The Parliament of the World’s Religions, and World Evangelical Alliance.

2020 Faith Call to Action for UN Biodiversity Summit

The natural world is a vital source of humanity’s collective flourishing, and in its grandeur can be found signs of the Divine. Throughout history, and in all parts of the world, nature is the physical loom upon which the tapestry of culture, civilization, and peace is woven. Religious and spiritual traditions compel us to care for creation, of which we are an integral part, with love, respect, and reverence.

We grieve the excessive use of natural resources that disrupts the balance of ecosystems and acknowledge our shortcomings in aligning our actions with the values and tenants of our traditions. Yet we also recognize the immense power of faith to bring about radical positive change by imparting hope and summoning the courage necessary for billions to respond to the challenges and crises before us.

As people of faith and spirit, we have a responsibility to ensure our communities cultivate an appreciation for the natural world. Transformation comes through nurturing faithful attitudes and approaches that create sustainable patterns of individual lifestyles and collective actions. Committing to spiritual wisdom and scientific truth, we can return to a more integrated relationship with the earth, where there is abundance for all, scarcity for none, and human life thriving in harmony with the natural world.

Upholding these understandings, and honoring the work that has come before, the undersigned organizations, make the following commitments and invite all those of good will to join us in:

• Developing and implementing long term, values-based and scientifically-informed plans to regenerate, protect, and nurture the Earth’s ecosystems for the next decade and beyond.

• Working cooperatively, and collectively, helping each other along the journey to achieve a carbon neutral, nature-positive future.

• Working with humility, understanding that many solutions are to be found in nature.

• Integrating humanity’s collective wisdom into our efforts, particularly that of indigenous communities and the perspectives of those most vulnerable to the impacts of environmental degradation.

• Engaging in a process of periodic tracking, re-assessment, and re-alignment in light of changing realities and opportunities.

We also call upon Heads of State and Governments at the UN 2020 Summit on Biodiversity and others to join us in taking bold and decisive leadership to integrate nature into all international frameworks and agreements.

We affirm our commitment to the United Nations’ vision and the aspirations outlined in its Charter and will continue to engage with UN processes that advance humanity’s harmonious relationship with nature.

Recognizing that safeguarding the planet requires a coordinated approach across all actors and initiatives, we align ourselves with the other calls to action being produced for this occasion at this time by the international community and welcome further collaboration in achieving our shared goals.

Last updated 9 September 2020