Renewing Peace: Governance Befitting an Evolving World

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Renewing Peace: Governance Befitting an Evolving World

Bahá'í International Community
One hour video roundtable for Geneva Peace Week
2-6 November 2020

A Governance Befitting”, the Baha’i International Community’s statement on the 75th anniversary of the creation of the United Nations, has at its heart the principle that cooperation between nations must deepen significantly if the world is to meet its pressing challenges in the years ahead.

The BIC roundtable discussion on this statement for Geneva Peace Week (2-6 November 2020), held with economist Dr. Augusto Lopez-Claros, international lawyer Maja Groff, and environmental sciences expert Dr. Arthur Dahl, from the Global Governance Forum, the latter two also members of the International Environment Forum, explores the oneness and interdependence of the human family that is essential to global progress. Their discussion, with Simin Fahandej, Representative of the Bahá'í International Community to the United Nations in Geneva, promotes an appreciation of diversity as the underpinning of unified action, the ability for the international community to learn together without fear of failure, the need to prioritise the common good over particular interests, and the moral assumptions that must be considered with every policy decision.

The video can be viewed at, and on the Geneva Peace Week website at…. See also the story of 11 November 2020 from the Bahá'í World News Service.

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