Webinars by IEF members

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Webinars with IEF members

Members of the International Environment Forum are presenting webinars for various communities accessible online in coming weeks.

Sunday 7 February at 8:00pm UK time, 21:00 CET, 3:00pm EST
Man of the Trees: A Pioneer Environmentalist's Vision for the Future
by Paul Hanley and Hugh Locke

O.Z. Whitehead Fireside, UK, about Richard St.Barbe Baker

Man of the Trees


Sunday 7 February at 4:00pm UK time, 17:00 CET, 11:00am EST
Environment and Spirituality, by Arthur Dahl
Bahá'í’s of Hammersmith and Fulham (UK), https://www.hfbahai.org.uk/events

Environmental crises like climate change, the collapse of biodiversity and the destruction of the natural resources upon which we all depend have become an existential challenge despite decades of warnings from the scientific community. The motivation and political will to act are inadequate to save ourselves, so what more is needed? Only religion and spirituality have been shown historically to touch the hearts as well as the minds and to drive large-scale transformations in human society. The Bahá’í Faith provides a modern approach to bringing us back into balance with our planetary environment.

Arthur will give another webinar for the same community on Sunday 7 March on "Global Governance and Sustainability".

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