Start Living Now to Embrace the Next Economy

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2021 June 27

7th IEF Lecture

The IEF webinar for June was on

“Start Living Now to Embrace the Next Economy”

with John Krochmalny who spoke on 27 June 2021. The recording should be available in due course.

To live and thrive in the next economy, new individual and collective paradigms need to be established. New definitions of what constitutes wealth and prosperity must be understood and applied. Because modeling a behavior needs to be taught to those potential adoptees, training is a necessary component of this transition. This presentation will focus on the need for change, what types of economic behaviors and training will be necessary for the future society, behaviors based upon spiritual values, and how this relates to the Baha’i Commonwealth.

Speaker Bio:
John Krochmalny is a retired instructor from Northwest State Community College, Archbold, Ohio, USA, and is still serving higher education in various capacities related to Workforce Development. His specialties include Industrial Electricity, Automation, Process Control, Energy Management, and Climate Control. Under his leadership, the MultiFaith Council of Northwest Ohio was able to compile and present data that led to the 2014 City of Toledo and Lucas County Ohio being declared a Community of Compassion as recognized by the International Charter of Compassion. Last year (2020), John developed and published curriculum for individual Values & Character Development for use by human resource departments in the workplace – available free of charge and covered under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License ( John is serving on the Executive Boards of Science Alliance (SAVE) and the Lucas County Impact Coalition, as well as participating in several social-economic development projects in the area. John considers himself to be a practitioner rather than a theoretician and is an active member of the Sylvania Baha’i Community of Sylvania, Ohio, USA.