Climate Governance Commission report released

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New Shape Forum - Climate Governance Commission

May and October 2021

The New Shape Forum 2021 of the Global Challenges Foundation took place in two parts, May 2021 online, and in Stockholm and online on 12-13 October 2021. The first meeting on the 19-20 May focused on sharing insights about some key problems in climate governance and exploring viable solutions, including interviews with IEF members Halldor Thorgeirsson and Maja Groff. IEF members Maja Groff and Arthur Dahl participated in the October Forum in Stockholm, Maja as convenor of the Climate Governance Commission, and Arthur as author (with Sylvia Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen) of a report on proposals for a Global Environment Agency. On Wednesday 13 October, the Climate Governance Commission released its interim report "Governing Our Climate Future 2021", to which a number of IEF members have contributed, including board member Halldor Thorgeirsson and Joachim Monkelbaan in addition to Maja and Arthur.

The video recording of the New Shape Forum 2021, part 1 in May 2021, including Halldor Thorgeirsson and Maja Groff, is at: A short clip with Halldor on the gap in climate governance is at The introduction to part 2 in October is at A short video by Johanna Lissinger Peitz, Swedish Ambassador for Stockholm+50, is at The full recording of part 2 should be available later. 

For more about the Climate Governance Commission, visit their website:…

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