Parliament of the World's Religions

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Parliament of the World's Religions

17-18 October 2021

The 2021 Parliament of the World's Religions was held online on 17-18 October 2021 with many spiritual leaders participating, as well as four plenary sessions, over 500 presentations and panels in breakout groups, and other possibilities for networking. At least 15 Baha'is made presentations, including IEF members Janet Cundall on nature and building community in Uganda, Dan Perell on the Climate Working Group of Religious Organizations at the UN, Ian Hamilton on a new development paradigm, and Arthur Dahl on "Coral Reefs as a Model for Humanity", which attracted 42 participants. His presentation can be viewed or downloaded here as a pdf (34 MB).

The visual statement from the Parliament, "The Turning Point", can be seen and signed here.

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