Global Citizenship SDGs and Gender Inequality

Submitted by Abdul Majid Teewno on 26. December 2021 - 23:36

In the middle of the 20th century, the world's research organization reached the understanding that the sustainability of the earth would only be possible when there is global citizenship. Global citizenship is an ideology that encourages every individual on earth to contribute. Contribution in a sense to live on this globe as you are the citizen of it.

The need for this global citizenship has been felt because the earth is interconnected as biodiversity. As in science, it is thought that every species contribution is a must for living. Every action of humans has an impact on earth either directly or indirectly. We human beings have faced many disasters and in the future, it may exceed ten times or more, because of our actions. The biggest threat to the world is climate change, everything in this world is dependent on temperature, and set on a particular value of it, if the temperature value decreased or increased by some degrees than its particular range for a specific thing, it can cause it into danger or disaster.

And that climate change has been affected by human actions. That is why global citizenship is necessary.

When I say individual that means every man and woman.

I did an online course on sustainable development goals from the University of Yonsei, South Korea.

Sustainable development as it by name focuses on sustainability. Sustainability means the use of resources in such a way that it can be useful for the next generation and doesn't deteriorate the environment.

The initiative was taken by the United Nations Organization UNO. When it was observed that the globe is going towards the destruction of itself. When hunger, terrorism, disaster inequality & racism were taking the lives of thousands of people. Then the 17 goals were made for implementation as being global citizenship for the sustainability of this globe. These goals are interconnected.

Gender equality, inequality is the major goals among them.

With the belief that women are a major part of our society, the development of societies largely and truly dependent on women, from the birth of a child to its teenage period, 80% contributions are there of a woman in raising. The child will learn what his mother/gardener will teach him, and the learning and teaching of facts, effective communication, basic skills, social interaction, sports, and languages in a proper way is a must need for a child so he/she could grow to sustain psychological and physical pressure in the coming tough steps of his/her life. A mother should know these things

Parents are great influencers for their children. The children notice their parents and learn everything from them. They do what their parents say them to do, no matter what would be consequences of it.

A woman raises the society, therefore, a woman needs to be well educated and disciplined, that is why gender equality is the most important goal considered in Sustainable Development Goals.

Gender Development Index GDI is the measure of gender equality for a country. Some countries have the very lowest GDI like (Yemen (0.488) and Afghanistan (0.660) according to Human Development Report 2020 (UNDP). This is the worst form of inequality, the consequence of which is that the scorecard of those countries ranks lowest in economic participation and opportunity, educational attainment, health and survival, and political empowerment. The result is loss of economic, educational, and health.

 In this era where the world is putting greater effort to enhance women’s empowerment, many are doing their best to reduce it. There are still several male-dominant countries, male dominancy is a mental disorder, the dominancy of a person is depression for another one. This dominant culture has a psychological educational and disciplinary impact on women. The average percentage of the female population in the world is 49.6%, this ratio is could be the same in some countries, some counties may have one-third of it or some may have three-fourth of it. Not giving proper education and employment to women is doing injustice with your own country in the sense of economy, development, culture, and literacy. The loss of a huge percentage of development is there because of male dominancy.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Remember that a right is a freedom of some kind something to which you are entitled by being human. We are all born into this world and should be given the same opportunities and given a fair shot at a life well-lived, said in Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights UDHR.