Launch of Global Systems Accounting

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Launch of Global Systems Accounting

A new issue area on the IEF website

For several months, some IEF members and others from our partner organization ebbf-Ethical Business Building the Future have been working on a new concept for Global Systems Accounting beyond economics, to develop non-financial ways to measure progress towards human well-being and environmental sustainability in a systems science perspective beyond GDP, also reflecting a more ethical approach. There are environmental accounts for 1. Carbon (energy), 2. Biodiversity and 3. Pollution, human well-being accounts for 4. Minimum living standard (poverty), 5. Food and 6. Health, and social accounts for 7. Work and service, 8. Knowledge and education, and 9. Spiritual capital and values. The accounts are designed to be adapted to the global, national, community and individual levels. This work has proceeded on several platforms, so IEF has created a new issue area on its own website to provide an overview of the process and its progress.

Global Systems Accounting issue home page, with links to a separate page for each dimension of the accounts
Global Systems Accounting: Beyond Economics, the foundational background paper on the new concept by Arthur Dahl, updated regularly
Arthur Dahl's initial webinar for ebbf in December 2021

Last updated 30 April 2022