The Peoples' Environment Narrative: 50 Years with UNEP and Civil Society

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The Peoples' Environment Narrative

50 Years with UNEP and Civil Society  
Towards Stockholm+50 and Beyond  
5 June 2023

On World Environment Day, 5 June 2023, Stakeholder Forum and Jan-Gustav Strandenaess published The Peoples' Environment Narrative: 50 Years with UNEP and Civil Society, a book of 940 pages, 43 articles with a number of sub articles, and the participation of 113 authors, including three IEF members. The book reflects on the outcomes of work by civil society, the global NGO community and other stakeholders including governments and representatives of the UN system to commemorate 50 years of work for the environment by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) with a focus on the Stockholm+50 conference in June 2022.

After five introductory chapters, there are two in A contextual and fact-based background to the commemoration of 50 years of work for the environment, as well as two introductory chapters and fourteen case studies of UNEP and Civil Society: A Necessary Partnership, including Sustainable Consumption and Production - not only a challenge for UNEP by Victoria W. Thoresen, and Oceans and UNEP by Dr. Arthur Lyon Dahl. Then there is a section on Civil Society Organizations and other stakeholders' recommendations - tapping on what needs to be approved, followed by Five Legacy Papers including a chapter "UNEP, Science and the Environment: a necessary partnership to save the planet?" by Prof. Raymond Saner and Prof. Lichia Yiu based partly on an interview with IEF President Arthur Dahl. Five outcomes by UNEP follow, then Civil society and non-state stakeholders - key environmental concerns for the future, including a chapter by Daniel Perell on "One Planet, One Habitation" - Climate initiatives of the Baha'i International Community at Stockholm+50 and beyond". A last substantive section describes What really happened with Stockholm+50 and the 50th anniversary?, followed by acknowledgements, pictures and bios of contributors to the book.

The book can be downloaded from the IEF website (44 MB).

Source: Jan-Gustav Strandenaes and Isis Alvarez (eds), 2023. The Peoples' Environment Narrative: 50 Years with UNEP and Civil Society

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