A Second Charter: Imagining a Renewed United Nations

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A Second Charter:
Imagining a Renewed United Nations

A High-Level UNGA 2023 Side Event
Tuesday, 19 September 2023

The Global Governance Forum and the Baha’i International Community’s United Nations Office are organising a UN Charter Reform event taking place on 19 September 2023 at the Baha'i International Community offices in New York and online, co-sponsored by the International Environment Forum in complement to the 27th IEF Annual Conference. This three-session event builds on a call, signed by over 400 prominent individuals including 20 Nobel Laureates, and an initial statement drafted by an informal group of academics, former government and United Nations officials, and civil society representatives. You can join online for any or all of the three sessions taking place throughout the day by registering here.

While UN Charter reform has been a topic of consideration since the establishment of the United Nations, recent events including preparations for the Summit of the Future and the endorsement of an Article 109 conference in the report of the High Level Advisory Board on Effective Multilateralism, give new impetus to the issue.

This event - preliminary agenda here - will advance this conversation. The three panels for the day will focus on Collective Security and Disarmament, Sustainable Futures, and Imagining a Renewed United Nations. The confirmed speakers include the President of Club de Madrid Danilo Turk, former President of the General Assembly Maria Fernanda Espinosa, former UN Ambassador Amanda Ellis, Dr. Youssef Mahmoud, and Professors Daniel Deudney, Thomas Weiss, and Andrew Strauss, among others.

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