Values-based Indicators

Submitted by admin on 26. August 2010 - 20:45

Early results from the Values-based Indicators of Education for Sustainable Development (ESDinds) project show that it has succeeded in developing indicators to measure trust, integrity, justice, empowerment, unity in diversity, and care and respect for the community of life in businesses and civil society organizations.

It has found processes to help organizations crystallize their understanding of their values, identify general indicators that express those values, define specific indicators or proxy measures that represent the implementation of those values, and measure those indicators quantitatively or qualitatively. The methodology has already been used successfully with an Earth Charter project for indigenous school children in Mexico, a Red Cross project for former child soldiers in Sierra Leone, a Mexican university, the Lush cosmetics company in Italy and a small Peoples Theater in Germany, and is now open to trials by other civil society organizations. More details on the ESDinds project can be found at, and will be presented at the next IEF conference.