Beyond the Limits: Implementing a Resilient Future

Submitted by admin on 21. December 2013 - 15:19

The Global Environmental Policy Programme (GEPP) at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, which IEF President Arthur Dahl has helped to design, organizes policy briefings as well as a summer training programme. GEPP has now issued a two-page brief on "Beyond the Limits: Implementing a Resilient Future" summarizing its 28 November 2013 event with Ian Johnson, Secretary-General of the Club of Rome, and Per Olssen of the Stockholm Resilience Centre. This can be downloaded here. The brief highlights five pressure points threatening our future: ecology and climate change; food price crises; financial and banking crisis; employment; and poverty. It proposes action on values, new economic thinking, reforming the institutions that organize society, and creating global governance, including global commons, global conscience issues and global rules. Since transformation can be triggered by a crisis, we need to prepare for the transformation, navigate the transition, and then stabilize the new more resilient system. There is a clear convergence with ideas the IEF has put forward for many years.