On-line course on Agriculture

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Baha'i Perspectives on Agriculture and Food
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The Bahá'í writings describe agriculture as a "a vital and important matter" foremost among the principles for "the advancement of mankind and the reconstruction of the world", but current agricultural policy prioritizes yield and profit over health and sustainability, the poor suffer, and climate change threatens the food supply.

In this course, you can examine the teachings of the Baha'i Faith on agriculture, food, and rural development; relate these teachings to contemporary public discourse on these issues; and explore ways in which agricultural activities can be incorporated into local activities, community-building, and emerging social action.

Faculty: Paul Hanley*, Arthur Dahl*, Kim Naqvi, Neil Whatley and Robert White*
[* IEF members]

Dates: 15 January to 5 March 2017. Register here - 10% discount for registering by 20 December.