UN Human Rights Council, Social Forum

Submitted by admin on 25. November 2010 - 21:10
2010 October 4-6
Geneva, Switzerland


The IEF participated in the 2010 Social Forum of the UN Human Rights Council on the subject of climate change and human rights. The Social Forum is organized each year to facilitate a dialogue with civil society on an important issue for human rights.

Values-based Indicators

Submitted by admin on 26. August 2010 - 20:45

Early results from the Values-based Indicators of Education for Sustainable Development (ESDinds) project show that it has succeeded in developing indicators to measure trust, integrity, justice, empowerment, unity in diversity, and care and respect for the community of life in businesses and civil society organizations.

IEF at Copenhagen Climate Change Conference

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At least 14 IEF members participated in the International Climate Change Conference (15th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change) in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 7-18 December 2009.

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