Advisory Group on International Environmental Governance

Submitted by admin on 26. November 2010 - 0:20

The United Nations Environment Programme has announced the creation of a Major Groups and Stakeholders Advisory Group on International Environmental Governance that includes International Environment Forum President Dr. Arthur Dahl.

Fifteen core members with significant expertise in international environmental governance have been selected to comprise the Advisory Group, out of over 90 who responded to the call for applications. Each of the nine UN major groups and each of the six world regions are represented. Alternates have also been selected and will step in to represent their respective region or major group if the full member cannot be present. They will collaborate closely with the core members of the Advisory Group and be engaged in deliberations.

Members of the Advisory Group include nationals and residents of 21 countries, and, among others, a former minister for environment and energy of Costa Rica, a Champion of the Earth laureate, a retired US Ambassador and former Deputy Director General of the ILO, a retired DuPont manager, former UN officials, professors, students and many with outstanding experience of grassroots campaigning and successful practical achievements on the ground. For the full list of members and more information, visit the IEG Advisory Group page on the Global Environmental Governance website at…

The Advisory Group will work closely with a larger group of 100 individuals to collect, compile and communicate ideas to the environment ministers deliberating on reform of the international environmental institutions. It has already participated in a one hour teleconference with the Ministers co-chairing the Consultative Group of Ministers or High Officials on International Environmental Governance, and the Executive Director of UNEP.

13 October 2010, updated 25 November 2010