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Developing Countries Amid Need for Development and Noise Pollution Dilemma

Submitted by Aroosa on 2. April 2023 - 18:14

Noise pollution is a global problem, but developing countries are more burdened with balancing amid development and controlling noise pollution than developed countries because they face a unique set of challenges related to economic growth, urbanization, and social equity. In contrast, developed countries have more resources and infrastructure to effectively regulate and manage noise pollution. It does not imply that developing countries are more responsible for causing noise pollution than developed countries.

Scientists' Warnings: Affluence

Submitted by Arthur Dahl on 7. December 2020 - 0:09

Scientists' Warnings: Affluence

After a "World Scientists' Warning to Humanity in 1992, the Alliance of World Scientists ( issued a "World Scientists’ Warning: Second Notice" in 2017, and a "Scientists' Warning of a Climate Emergency" in 2019 (