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Education for Social Cohesion

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Education for Social Cohesion

Online International Webinar
organized by the Bahá'í Academy, Panchgani, India
13-14 February 2021

Transforming Education for Sustainable Futures

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Transforming Education for Sustainable Futures

Transforming Education for Sustainable Futures (TESF) is a UK Global Challenges Research Fund-supported Network Plus, co-ordinated out of the University of Bristol, working with partners in India, Rwanda, Somalia/Somaliland, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. It undertakes collaborative research to Transform Education for Sustainable Futures.

IEF member wins Educator's Challenge

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IEF member Joachim Monkelbaan and his partners in the Sustainability Leadership Lab were one of the winners of the Educator's Challenge of the Global Challenges Foundation on 16 May 2019. This is the second time that IEF members have won prizes from the Global Challenges Foundation.

Educator's Prize